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What do funerals actually cost?

Life insurance to help with funeral and other costs, from just £1.81 per week*

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Funerals can be much more expensive than most people think!

Most of us don’t spend a great deal of time thinking about this. We’re too busy enjoying life with those we love. But it’s well worth knowing in advance just how much a funeral can cost and planning ahead to avoid leaving your family with the pressure of having to pay for it.

When we think of a funeral we tend to think of the coffin, the headstone and the service. But people can often underestimate the additional costs which can occur around this time, such as family travel costs to attend the funeral, and perhaps medical or legal costs. In fact, the average is £3,658 for basic costs, rising to £5,409 when all other related costs are taken into account.

A Funeral Protection Promis payout can be used for these or in fact any other costs, enabling your family to show their love and respect for you by choosing a funeral service to do you proud.

Whilst the Funeral Protection Promis is a life insurance product and has been designed to primarily cover funeral expenses it is not a funeral plan. This means that the payout can be used for any purpose, not just a funeral, and the cover amount you choose, could be less than the cost of a funeral. Inflation may reduce the value of your payout.

Of course, every funeral is different and you may have your own ideas about what you’d want, but the example here gives you an approximation of typical costs.

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About the Funeral Protection Promis

The Funeral Protection Promis is an affordable life insurance plan to help cover the cost of a funeral or other final expenses.

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